There are some days

There is a lag time in Real Estate marketing. It can be seen as akin to turning on the faucet in an old shower and waiting for the water to heat up. The things we do today won’t necessarily see results until three or more months down the road. Because of this lag time, when a REALTOR gets busy, it is often forgotten why or how that flurry of activity came about. The agent then gets too busy to tend to the process that created the activity. The agent lets go of the tap. For that very reason, it is important to establish steady systems to keep the business at a consistent flow, so that things will continue to run even when it appears that there is no end to the business at hand.

There are some days when the fists are clenched and the teeth are ground. Its those days that the need for perspective is greater than ever. We all find those moments when the universe we inhabit becomes difficult to understand and seems to close in. Everything seems to conspire to work against us. Those days, even the sky refuses to look blue. Time to take a step back from the picture and consider the entire landscape of the artist, and not just the brush strokes.

Most of us have never felt the hunger of more than an afternoons missed meal. Most of us have not had to sleep unsheltered or alone. Living in Canada in our lifetime we have the benefit of a stable economy and political environment. Security is taken for granted, and we have the basics of life handled for us because of our residency in this great country. Even so, it can be difficult to remove one self from the emotional whirlwind that is the Real Estate Industry. Everyday we are dealing with people’s life savings, and the largest asset that they have. When someone acts in a way that is contrary to the best interests of a Client under your charge, it can be frustrating and maddening.

A good rule of thumb is to take that reflective step back and consider the overall objectives and potential outcomes. It can be that the remedy is worse than the infraction. For example, if someone has breached a policy or rule, the cost of enforcement might be greater than the infraction itself. The cost can be measured not only in financial expense, but also in the human cost of stress and being distracted from other more important tasks that may lie waiting. A good night’s sleep can often help to give fresh perspective on an issue. Be careful of the quick “knee-jerk” response or the hasty voice mail or text. Let your responses be thoughtful and measured, regardless of the emotional bruises that may have occurred.

This objective perspective is best developed through the consistent “systems approach” to the business. We are fortunate that the tools of the trade have improved in the Real Estate industry. Systems have moved away from the simplicity of checklists and rolodex cards. There are many apps and software programs available to the modern agent that allow for consistent marketing and servicing of clients.

Most Real Estate boards in Canada have software available that allows for forms to be sent up in templates that can be edited for individual applications. Comparative market analysis is now complete with a multi-page report at the touch of a button. Contact data management software allows for agents to set up tickle files and reminders of important dates and “to-do” lists. Websites can be set up to collect leads and generate prospect follow up automatically. Facebook ads can even be purchased for very refined target marketing to a specific psychographic group.

The key to continued and consistent business remains the realm of the pro-active. It is easier than ever to develop programs and systems. The water in the old shower no longer needs priming for the right temperature…but it still needs the willing hand to start the process and keep it flowing.


Sep 6 2016